Why Socialists Love Democracy

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3 years ago

We can begin and maybe end with the "difference between a Republic and a Democracy".

In my article Defining the 2 types of Government I display that a Democracy is Majority Rule.

This, by it's own defining of itself, eliminates any rights of the minority.

Socialists would remove all private property rights, and there by any chance of an individual to ever better there standing in life, for nothing is theirs. No chance to spend the cash you have, there's nothing to buy.

Democracy by denial of rights to at least 49% of the people, for the Socialists this is half their goal.

This is about Sovereignty. The Right to Contract is the soul right of the Sovereign.

Perry v. United States, 294 U.S. 330 (1935)

7. The right to make binding obligations is a power of sovereignty.

8. The sovereignty of the United States resides in the people, and Congress cannot invoke the sovereignty of the people to override their will as declared in the Constitution.

Capitalism is an economic system where people own property and they, themselves, are not property. A Republic is a Government where we elect people to represent us in a Sovereign goal and manner.

When we elect someone, we are hiring them to do our work for us.

Remember, Case Law in the USA, equals Common Law....or "Law" as written in the Constitution. "Common Law" is dealt with in a "Court of Record" where ALL Statutes can be Denied and only case law can be heard.

I'll be writing on this topic more in the coming months. Thanx for reading.

I am Jay, you can find me on GAB @AbidBrainWash I hope to see you there.

Thank You for paying attention.

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