Who Knows Better...You or the Group?

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3 years ago

When humans first began to make advances from the most primitive beings to using tools, it was the individual that created the tool that helped their people the most that became Chief.

By proxy, the people who were smart enough to Copy these Chiefs, furthered the Human Race.

ie: The 1st to sharpen a long stick into what we would call a Spear, and those that realized the value of providing food with this makeshift Spear.

Today we don't need to copy the way we did as cavemen, however, we do it all the time.

How many young men bought Black Trans Am's in the 1970's because of the film "Smokey and the Bandit", or young ladies dressed like Madonna in the 1980's...?

This is the exact ploy used by media to control your mind, they didn't call the marketing of Television "Programming" in error, that is exactly what they are doing.

News Media is the worst, or best, at this. Most see the people on the screen as leaders or Chiefs through the eyes of the cavemen still within us. We Copy.

Some very intelligent people believe the TV people, their claims of this or that...when the truth is far from their reporting. It's not a matter of intelligence...This is a matter of Wisdom.

This is the treadmill Hollywood, and the Record Biz, have used for decades to sell the dream of stardom, of Fame.

Only to be taken advantage of.

Why?...How could it be that so many people fail or refuse to see the facts for what they are...that refuse to look behind the Great Curtain of Oz?

"If the whole World see something as Beautiful, it must be Hideous." -Tao Teh Ching


I know what Socialism is. I know what Islam is. I know them in action, what happens and what is claimed. How control is gained and kept.

How do I know?...I was deployed, in one of my Careers as a contractor working with the US Army/Marine Corps., to Africa among other places.

Oppression of ideas is where it begins. Next is violent repression to make examples of those who may disagree. Then lastly Government sanctioning of the acts as policy, regardless of Law or Statute.


You have to decide...the decision is simple, do you like music because you like it, or because everyone else you know likes it. Are you an individual or are you only a cog in the wheel?

Only You know.

Who is better to manage your affairs and wealth than You? Are You willing to allow someone who has never met you determine how your wealth will be dealt with?

That is the Difference between Capitalism and Socialism.

What say You?


I am J1, find me on GAB.com, @AcidBrainWash

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3 years ago