Time to Hate Them Back?

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3 years ago
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The left Hates Trump and the people that voted for him, stating they want them in camps, arrested.

As if their due process rights don't matter, to prove this they presented fake evidence, altered to make it appear he had done something that never happened.

Going so far as to change the date of a Tweet by a year.


The evidence of Voter Fraud is clear and growing, In Penn. 1.5m ballots mailed out and 2.5 m returned.

The Penn. legislature didn't care.

This is just one example.


All the businesses that have supported the left, Antifa and BLM are beginning to feel the pain.

Disney+ is losing subscribers at a rate they've publicly considered rehiring a fired actor.

Every News Media company is in trouble accept OANN, NewsMax and Steve Bannon's War Room.

The Dinosaur media is dead. I do not think they can recover.


Time to hate them back.


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