"The Ultimate Game"

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3 years ago

"The grass, the Sun, the smells of the day

The field is lined for us to play

Practice hard in the heat, drills then pads

Young strong team of too soon grads

Years go by, faces change

Tactics, antics, remembering names

Offensive intensive aggressive intent

Defensive oppressive corrosive invent

Teach to the level of your crew

Knowing and action, we'll get through

Seasons of foes designed to prevail

At our expense, for us to fail.

For they have worked at least as hard

Time was spent to improve their card

In the game of life, for their part

will challenge you, and your heart.


Play Ball, Face Off, or just flip the coin

The challenge is life, time to get going.

No coach or position for most to play

Just us and we have little to say

Concerning our lives, it's not TV

Famous we're not, We're just lucky

To have known and been part of a team

Today, tomorrow, forever supreme.

Granite is hard just like You

Are to foes as we pass though

The tempering fire of trifels we play

That prepare us for the Ultimate game."


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