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3 years ago

How can it be that All news and All networks but Fox, sometimes, and the new start ups. Most social media refuse to allow news that is negative toward Leftist politicians?..All but, which is why you can find me there.

The ABCNBCCBSCNNMXNBCCNBC networks are gaslighting the American people.

If the Mueller investigation didn't find any Criminal acts, then why does the media bring up Russia, as if there were crimes?

The above mentioned Media refuses to broadcast the facts discovered and instead broadcasts things they make up. ie: Russia...

Benghazi, Pedogate, Obamagate, Funding of ISIS, Q, Nick Sandman, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas shooting, Pulse night club ..

The list is endless.

You can claim any one of these isn't real...I can display they are, but media refuses to engage the topic but to ridicule the topic directly...even congress denounced publicly "Q"

Why?...It is obvious to me that regardless of what you believe the movement is right often enough to be respected.

Congress should spend their time working and not insulting the people and how they enjoy spending their time.


Today, we have a News media and most all Sports and TV programming that boasts Socialists it shirts worn by actors, or flags in the office on set, or just the dialog, it's almost everywhere.


Capitalism means to be Sovereign, for it is the Soul Right of the Sovereign to Contract. To own property, to have an estate.

No other Economic system allows for this. This is why they deny you, they think you are their do I know?

They don't ask for your permission, because they don't need it. Fakebook, Gugle and Twiturd never ask you to stop, they just take your account.

That is Socialism. You will agree or you will be Immolated.


I am J1, find me on @AcidBrainWash

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