The Reset is Socialism

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3 years ago
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The Big reset is Socialism/Communism.

Your Debts will be forgiven, but you can never again own property.

You think that means not owning land or real estate, but it means property of any kind. Your shirt on your back won't be yours.


The 3 pillars of Capitalism are...

1 Private Property that You own

2 A marketplace where the consumer sets the price

3 Profit from sales or labor that you keep.

It is the right of the Sovereign to contract.


Socialism is the opposite, Communism is the same as Socialism with 1 caveat.

Socialism is de facto ownership of the people, because Gov. owns You, they own your stuff too.

Communism is dejure, there is no pretense. You're owned just like everything else by Gov.


By refusing to teach economics the Socialists have been able to brainwash the youth to believe they/everyone will get the best of everything, equalizing everything.

Truth is, Socialism is an equal sharing of misery.

Every example is the same.


The Claim that National Socialists are Right wing is to demonize the Sovereign, the Capitalist.

People are lazy and refuse to engage the facts of the matter.

There are countless quotes from the Nazis stating they are Socialists and Hate Capitalism.

However, often people just want to believe instead of knowing.


“We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system..."

-Adolf Hitler, 1927

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