The Republic is Not an Illusion

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3 years ago

In the USA there is a fraud that has been going on for a long time.

The illusion of choice.

Be it pro-sports or politics, they pretend to be opponents but are really part of the same Corporation.


Professional Sports exist to distract us from the real happenings with our lives.

We get emotionally attached to some team, believing that team represents us in some manner...truth is that they all part of one company.

MLB has an Anti-Trust exemption, so does the NFL.

The NBA, during the "Bad Ref" trial was clear.

"The NBA is a Business, we reserve the right to FIX any matchup to maximize profits..."


Just like professional sports, Government likes to play games pretending to be opposites.

They are just both wings of the same bird.

This bird has only one real job, claim You as property.

How do I know?

Democracy, we hear it all the time, from countless politicians and media.

The Constitution allows for a Republican form of Government., Art. 4, Sec. 4.


The Federal Reserve Act states that We the People are the Enemy

Executive Order 13037 states that we are "Human Capital"

Our Government claims that we are property and has taken out loans based on us as collateral, our labor, land and property.

Even the courts will try to deny rights, claiming we're not party to them. Because most all courts in the US are Admiralty Jurisdiction.


In short

3 Jurisdictions in the Constitution

Law, which is Common Law...Does not compel action

Equity, which is Contract Law, Does compel action as per the contract

and Admiralty/Maritime Law or Banking, international Law.

This is the Law of Water, International Law.


My point is this....If you think the USA is so very bad, then you have not been to other countries.

Only the USA has Freedom of Expression.

A Republic, where everyone is Sovereign....not just Government...or the King.

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3 years ago