The Question....About Racism

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3 years ago

The question...Are we allowed to have a preference?

What if that preference is a race of people?

Is it Racist to prefer a race of people?


I prefer Red wine over White wine, am I a wine-ist? Should I drink White wine, even though I don't like it, because to not do so would be a slight against White wine?

Or, could it be that I get to determine how I live my life and what is included in my experiences...regardless of other peoples opinion?


Choosing a group or club or organization based on race can be a racist endeavor.

For example...Any group that excludes due to the color of skin is a Racist group

However, any group that includes only 1 race is not Racist, it's a preference based group.

This is based on Case Law, from the Greensboro race incident in the 1960's.


So. Can You have a preference of ethnicity in those you spent your time with?

Yes, if you don't exclude, but include based on that race.


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