"The end of the show"

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3 years ago

"Being alone on the road can test your soul

surrounded by people you don't really know

Tour bus to Jet to hotel to show

doing your best on booze and blow

A month, a year goes by so fast

Looking back you wish that it would last

As if you think you won't age

then friends die, turn the page.


I found you then, you didn't know

who I was, that it's my show

My excuse to be where you were

to drink some coffee just with her

Was my crush to spur me on

To know you better to get along

you never know why they care

Is it your cash or famous air


Tour was over, time to go

boarding the plane, walking slow

Label's pissed, band broke up

On a plane with these dumbfucks

Telling myself it's my career

All I want is her near

To me when I'm lost and alone

Appearing strong, I'm just stoned


Careers will end, time will pass

Your life is short, live with class

You will regret most of the times

You missed because you were inclined

To be the focus or busy with play

Or work because you thought it'd pay

The cost is yours you missed your call

For a lesser vitriol


Does Tokyo weep from my pain

Or is it just another rain."


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