The Battle For The Deepest Love

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3 years ago

On the cusp of oblivion

We stand at a place in time that is our chance to save the world for at least a Generation if not forever.

No bullets, Tanks or invasion plans...we're spared such terrors.

This means we have no excuse if we fail.

When there's blood in the water, you best be a shark....this is not the time to cower and hide.

If this is to be our end, then we must make it an end to be proud of.

There is only The United States of America that holds Freedom in it's arms.

There is nowhere to run.

We fight or we die as cowards.

I fell in Love with the World, Africa, Japan, the entire Orient...Europe was sublime, only to be compared to my Home.


Land of the Free....are We still Brave enough to Win when it matters the face of a Terrible Foe.

And No, Not Biden....Antifa and BLM with their Marxist designs on our souls.


Our Creator put You here now to read this..

The only Question is......What are You going to do about it?

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