Socialism's Fatal Flaw

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3 years ago

The Fatal flaws of Socialism...

The promise of Socialism is always Equality, everyone gets the same. The Cadillac Plan for Everyone.

Sounds good, as if the people will receive status and wealth for free. This is just Stupid.


Even if what is claimed was true, how do you change Envy?

Someone will desire his hair, want her style, crave their house location.....When does it end?

You can never make people equal, some will always be more equal, either by design or fate.

Either they will be placed by Government, as the arbiter of what's fair....or, fate gave them a pretty face, body, ability to talk...something that makes them different enough to want to create.

I thought for the longest time that the Fatal Flaw of Socialism was the inability to define where this equal begins and ends and why it never applies to the Government.

I was wrong.

My questions concerning those flaws was inline and correct but more losing the trees because of the damn forest in the way...

The Basis of Socialism is the Struggle.

It's always about the Struggle, Fight... Revenge.

This is the Flaw, sooner or later they run out of foes.

ie: Stalin Erased people from History, Hitler just murdered 1 of the political groups, the S.A., that put him into power. The S. A. was the Working Man's SS.

Pol Pot Murdered ALL the Educated, The Turks? it was Armenian's, Edi Amin, the leader of Uganda, he Ate the people deemed less equal.

Socialism's promise is that You will be fighting the rest of your life with someone or something.


The Ironic thing is that in every case it's those deemed less equal that become violet and overthrow the the Arbiter of what is Fair, the Socialists.


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