Sheriff's Enforce Law, Police Enforce Statutes

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3 years ago

Police can NOT enforce Law, Only Statutes.

Case Law, Police have Qualified Immunity. PEARSON et al. v. CALLAHAN

However, Police have NO Duty to Defend Any One individual, even if there's a Restraining Order. Lynch v. NC Dept. of Justice, Castle Rock v. Gonzales

In Fact...

Police have No Duty to do anything...they can witness an incident and refuse to engage.

Rodriguez v. United States

The Caveat being that anything Police Do is their own act and not due to any other cause or reason.

So, to sum this up.

Police have No Duty to protect any one individual, have No Duty to engage, even if there is a crime, Can't enforce Law and Can Not be held Responsible for their acts, the Tax Payer must pay in the event of a wrongful death or injury.

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