Shadow into Light and Shadow again.

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3 years ago

It's funny.

I lived in LA from 1988 to 1990-ish

Disneyland, Venice Beach, Hollywood, the Hills and so much more.

I don't miss any of it...I miss the quite nights walking, looking at the store fronts closed up tight.

No where else have I had that same feeling.

NYC, Tokyo, London never really closed.

The Fla Keys was never really open.

LA was special, different...It was warm and friendly.

We lived at the Marina next to Venice...


Odd that I'd miss such a thing. Not the time in studios or film lots.

But, instead the Time alone walking the streets.

Looking back it seems I found myself there.


Soon after I'd be working for CKG and being deployed overseas

Today, I'm grateful for the work I was able to do.

Today I am grateful to know California the way it was and for California to have known me the way I was.


Sometimes when I dream, I find myself on those streets. In the shadow to light to shadow as I pass by the storefronts on my way home.


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