Remembering Ghosts

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3 years ago

I used to travel to Chicago all the time, staying in a hotel, this one, that one. blah.

I had a bad day on one of my trips, didn't get the contract with Sears...Devastating.

So, like a lot of good losers, and I am a good every aspect of the term.

I went to a bar to quell my sorrow with booze....

While I was there, a week night, it was empty, but for a few people.

The bar tender and I got to talking, where ya from, why ya in town...after bit I told him, Proudly, that Charlotte, NC, where I'm from, will be getting an NFL Franchise...The Panthers.

He then told me an amazing story...

On a night not so different than that night, he was working at the Palmer House Hotel, 2 guys, businessmen from God knows where, were having a discussion about the best Running back in Chicago Bears History.

One said, Walter Payton, the other Gale Sayers...This went on for a while. Each with point to counter point.

After sometime, the only other person in the bar was an older he was leaving he paused and said..."Walter Payton"

"Who he hell are you to know the difference....?" was the question posed to the older gent.

He handed his card and left.

There on a business card..."Red Grange", "The Galloping Ghost"


We never know who we will meet on our way to eternity.

Today, the Palmer House Hotel is closed, All three great men have now passed away.

What we have lost can never be replaced and what is to come will only be a cheap copy....

I think of that bar tender and hope that he is happy, for that one night we were friends. I left a $20 tip and caught a cab to the airport. Never to engage the topic again, until now.


Thank You for reading.

I am Jay, chat with me on, @AcidBrainWash

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3 years ago