Old Men Die Hard

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3 years ago

The 1970's was a very odd decade.

We had 2 half decades, the 1st was viet nam and the 2nd was Disco.

In the 1st we went from 1963 JFK assassination until 1975...War.

The people were fed up with it and looking for anything else to spend their time on, if for no other reason but to forget the War for a bit.

Then the war began to wane....once We the People got a hold of the good news, We Exploded in joy....aka Disco....fueled by Cocaine.

This era was amazing, computers, pc's, were a thing but just getting started....all those nerds skipping the drugs and parties were writing code or mounting mother boards...in lonely dark rooms all night long....the opposite of the Disco...albeit, everyone was up late, often...and we all loved it.

Today is the slave grind....controlled bullshit by assholes...we, as Dragon Slayers have no more Dragons.

The truth is...the paradigm has broken and now we're trying to discover how best to help one another.

GAB.com is in each breath where Freedom is spoken.


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