New Paradigm Incoming, Prepare Now

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3 years ago

The beautiful thing about everything going on right now is the real chance of change.

The more the left tries to hem us in, the more slip through their fingers.

When enough get through and in that process wake up to what Socialism is, the more the tide goes out for the left.

We are either on the Eve of Destruction, or on the Eve of a New Paradigm where the Old Gov. design disappears.

We have instant communications, we don't need Ambassadors the way we used to.

I see the Gov. trying to divide us in every way to isolate us for easy prey.

The Gov. doesn't attack the Hell's Angels or Outlaws or Mongols MC's, maybe an undercover gig, but never a raid with swat.

Only lesser Motorcycle Clubs get Swatted.

Why?..Because Cops do not want to die, and they know those guys are shooters with well as the ability to murder the police that did the raid.

It's simple math....$300k to train an officer to the level of a Grunt Marine, what does it cost to train them to Swat Tactics?

Every time they lose an officer, it takes a long time and costs an ass load to replace them for, like in Charlotte, you can't get a raise in pay, as a police officer, unless City Counsel approves it. ie No Incentive to endanger yourself.

Know your neighbors, watch their property for them and be ready to organize them in the event the Dollar dies or Antifa gets real weapons and becomes the cannon fodder for the Gov. to claim martial law.

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3 years ago