Jewish Tax Collectors and the Crown?

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2 years ago

Yes and No.

In those days you were appointed to the office, maybe you bribed your way in, but no one wanted to be the tax collector, No one.

So, while, it was in deed a Jew in every case that I am aware of, that collected taxes for the King, after King John IV.

Governed by the Church, who were the real collector due to debt payments from the crown.

"Hell" is the room under the EXCHEQUER CHAMBER for Debtors.

In German, which the Bible was translated from into English, "Hell" means "Light".

And You thought the Church had no influence on the King James version of the Bible?

The Rhetorical you.

Who cares what race some one is, so what?

What matters is are they good people, doing good things.

I have been in combat with people that wanted me dead because I wasn't the right color and/or race.

I have also been helped by people of every color and race.

Your paradigm can not be defined by what other people project.

The music is what you like, not what other people think makes you cool.

Dance your way.

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