"Forever and a Day"

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3 years ago

"The Sun will rise, another day

The way of the world will fade away

In time,

Your Love will know

If anyone has ever loved your soul.


Warm summer night out by the lake

Cold winter fire that you helped make

Days spent alone just us two

How lucky I am, to find You

I asked you the question,

your favorite song

Your perfect reply, "What took You so Long?"

Beauty, Brains, Wit and charm

Decades have passed, you're still on my arm


The beautiful youth that once was us

Has passed like sand or turned to dust.

The Beautiful you that filled the room

The dashing me that fell consumed

Into the You that I once Knew

As we lived as lovers under the moon


Smell the rain in the distance, Thunders persistence

Cascading my thoughts back to you."

-Jeff Travis

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