Fictional Facts and Factual Fictions.

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It has been said that history is a bunch of lies we all agree on.

Many events in history did happen, they're just not in truth how they happened. I will detail some of the lies, or things that are in use everyday without knowing their origins, in history as best I can.

What was that guy's name that rode several hundred miles to warn Americans that " The British are Coming"....?

Oh yeah.....Israel Bissell. That other guy, he rode 19 miles from Boston to Cambridge....who was he warning?....the dean of Harvard....?


What about that guy that discovered North America....?

Oh yeah....Leif Ericson. That other guy did it over 400 years later.


What about that lady who has a brand of breakfast syrup named after her...? "Aunt Jemima"

Nope, not real at all, just a made up name Aunt Jemima....however, the Caveat....there was a Lady, On the recommendation of Judge Walker, she was hired by the R.T. Davis Milling Company, to represent "Aunt Jemima". She had lived with the Walkers for many years.

The World's Columbian Exposition...aka The Worlds Fair.

In 1893 She made her Debut as the spokesperson for "Aunt Jemima" brand, let's put this into perspective, the Light Bulb was debuted at this was Mr. Ferris Wheel.

However it was an Ex-Slave from Kentucky, 59 yrs young Nancy Green that stole the show. People lined up around the block to see her cooking display.

She was such a Hit, she was given a Lifetime Contract and Her image has been the face of "Aunt Jemima" syrup ever sense.


Hector Boiardi

His Italian Sauce was so popular that he decided to market it nationally.

Real man who changed his name to be more phonetic.


George Grant, son of slaves. In 1870 becomes the 1st black  graduate
of Harvard Dental School. He then invents the 1st device for cleft-palate....but then he invented the Greatest invention that Every Dr., World Wide, uses at least once a week.....

The Golf Tee.


My point is that history is made every day, we should be more aware and respectful of it. The passage of time will never change the good deeds of people we no longer know the names of...but, it is something to be able to think to yourself..."I know why."

For Liberty, like Truth, is never lost all at once.

I am J1, you can find me on, @AcidBrainWash

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3 years ago