Fascism Is Socialism

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3 years ago

The companies that are attacking Trump supporters should be about to go out of business.

What we have is Gov. funding them to deny the consumer the right to demand a better product and customer service.

From Univ.'s to Airlines the Gov. is giving You $600 dollars while giving billions to other countries and Businesses we have bailed out.


Either We the people will stop this Corporate Welfare by the backdoor or we will never have anything of real quality again.

This is what Fascism looks like, the Marriage of Corporations and Gov., with Gov. being the hammer to stop all competition.


AIG cancelling insurance of Conservatives is nothing but a stab in the back.

If people accept this behavior from these Corporations then they deserve the life they'll get.

If they don't accept these actions from Corporations they will go out of business...unless, once again, Gov. gives them Tax Dollars.


We must call every Sen. and Rep. explaining that we will not accept their spending of our cash the way they are...it's not their cash, it's the Tax Payer's.

We must stand together no matter what Gov. claims.

Fascism is the most pure form of Socialism we've seen. This is why Hitler and Mussolini were such good friends. One was a Racial Socialist and the other strictly economic Socialist.

We are seeing Fascism in the Computer age so we can never discover the real truth. Instead of retracting a story, it's just deleted.

We see that today, all the time.

This is the War for the Republic, Democrats who stole the Election via rigging the count are already going to attempt to delete the Electoral College.....Art. 4, Sec. 4 of the Constitution, Republican form of Government.

Not Democracy.


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