Cognitive Dissonance

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3 years ago

America....The American People.
The design of civil life
There is something about being free...once you have it, often only death can remove it.

A people that are/have been controlled often can not grasp that you have an opinion that may be different from theirs or the doctrine they have known.
Which becomes the catalyst of an incident.

Fear...the feeling of having your home attacked.
This is the reaction of those that can't grasp your freedom, or amount of freedom above theirs.
To wear different clothes, to them can often cause you to stand out as different...and become the source of attacks.

These are the same people that REFUSE to acknowledge the evidence of 9/11, OK City, JFK, RFK,'s endless.
This causes some to cower as not to impose the wrath of the ignorant.
Others to attack the afraid as dumb or stupid, only reinforcing their bias.

I don't have an answer, either they will or they won't, but I can Not allow others to steal my dreams because they can't see the stars.

By -J1

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