Capitalism Vs. Socialism

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2 years ago

This is Capitalism vs. Socialism.

People think that means businesses vs the people's right to equality.

Capitalism is the people having the Right to Own things.

Wealth is Capital, same thing.

Capitalism is just a system for people that, each one, can own be able to exchange commerce.

Socialism is the opposite.

NO Private Property in Socialism.

You do not own You, and therefore Your stuff is also the property of Government, because they own You.

Like a Dog and can pay rent.

This is why Media and Leftists Refuse to state that the Nazis were National Socialists.

Claiming they were Right Wing.

Demonizing the words "Nationalist" and "White", when the Nazis were Socialist Allied with Islam. SS Hanchar, largest Division in the 3rd Reich.

Not White. Not Christian.

Hollywood makes shit up and people believe it. ie: Wakanda.

I don't suffer fools, and they are everywhere. Hard to not get trapped in conversation with idiots.

I hear it often...."The Meaning of Words Change..." When I point out the facts concerning Socialism, Nazism and the Strategy of the left today.

Funny how attached people are to their beliefs without knowing a damn thing about the topics.

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