Bob Gibson

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3 years ago

In Baseball today, we have many men that have breaking balls that look like video games.

100 mph pitches are more common today than ever...fastest in History 106mph. Aroldis Chapman

But even today, Bob Gibson would Dominate the game.

in 1968, he had a season that will never be approached....only Fernando Valenzuela, 1981 approached Gibson's numbers.

Valenzuela started the season 8–0 with five shutouts and an ERA of 0.50.

Players Strike ended his chance at History.


In the 1968 season Gibson had 28 Complete Games, No pitcher had 1 Complete Game in 2019.

Gibson had 268 strike outs and only allowed 38 earned runs on his way to an MVP, Cy Young and World Championship.

Bob Gibson in 1968 had an ERA of 1.12...this is an astounding number. His last game that season was a 10 inning shutout complete game.

Unwilling to rest on his laurels, he took the mound like he owned it...and he did.

To put this in perspective, MLB changed the height of the pitchers mound by 1/3rd

Known today as the Bob Gibson rule.


He began his career as a dual sport athlete Baseball and, not the NBA or ABA...he was a Harlem Globetrotter.

Today we should all remember him, for what he did for all of us at the expense of many many batters. A gift of Greatness that will never be touched.


Bob Gibson Died October 3rd, 2020.

He was 84 years old, but his legacy will live forever.

Thanx Bob.

We miss you.


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