Believing to Thinking to Knowing.

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3 years ago

The flow of the weapon in your hands is intoxicating...Be it a polearm, a sword or nunchunkas. The motions from one point to the next is like a dance.

There is rhythm...a timing...a pause and motion.

Hard styles can over-power a foe but is very predictable, it is the soft, fluid motions with proper follow-through wins most every battle.

Be it western styles using swords, bucklers and/or daggers or eastern with it's Katana the master defensive sword...they all have a flow, a foot movement, 1-2-3, 1-2-3 with strikes and blows...

Who is the better, faster, quicker, more skilled...Smarter Warrior wins.

The Sai is the twin daggers of the east, with tines to catch swords and control the blade while attacking with the off hand. Again we see the dance, block, parry, strike, parry catch, blow.

The Pole Arm is the middle-ages owner of the battlefield. Many types and styles, I prefer a short Glaive, a blade on a Asia, Naginata.

Knowing these weapons, how to use them might be good on some level, but not the value it would have had in the past.

Today it is at least as important to know Many things on Many Topics...including how to use Non-Firing Martial weaponry.

From Computers to Foreign Languages to Cooking an Omelette. Today we have the largest database in history called the internet and people either refuse to learn or take it for granted and don't learn because the ability to learn, whatever, will always be there...on the Internet.

My point is this...when I solve a computer problem it feels just as good as making my neighbors nervous when I swing a 6ft Glaive in the back yard.

Never stop learning, Always help others, Always accept help from qualified people.

The world going forward will be a battleground. Every bit of knowing will help.

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