Be Aware

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1 year ago

I was in Charlotte yesterday...

The mood has changed, from the west side to the south and then east, it's the same thing.

A lack of respect for the people in power.

In the stores it's a topic. Be it Home Depot, Wal-shit, Little Caesars...

Even my Dr's office.

People are so concerned about Gov. attempting to murder them and/or take their rights, they no longer care who knows their opinion.

Colombia SC is even more so.

The Troops their are pissed but can't say it out loud.

The anger is obvious. I asked a LCol. what he thought of the new policy...He refused to answer and was Not happy with my question.

Asking me if my business on base was complete.

Be aware...

we're at a dangerous place in History and the whole world is watching us.

If the Gov. becomes Socialist, they will attack other country's to pay the bills once the resources begin to run out here.

Just like the Nazis did.

Be Aware

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