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I was a 1st year student in High School. A terrible student for the most part but loved to be there and proud of where I was.

Football was a way for me to grow and display who I am. 2-a-days all through August into our 1st scrimmage with, still to this day, a powerhouse of a team, the '79 State 3A champs. A. L Brown.

We won that game. We played well and it showed.

That season, we never lost. We won the State Championship on our home field in Charlotte NC. 27-14. Terry Sanford High was ranked number 1 all season long.

We were unranked and climbed to number 2 before the State Championship game.

We played with a chip on our shoulder.

Our team sent 5 players to the NFL. Roman Phifer being the best, with 15 yrs and a Superbowl.

When I think about it, the time, place, people....The feeling.

It has carried me when I thought that I was done for.

As an adult no one cares about your high school days, just another old person with nothing left and nothing done as an adult, it's become a cultural joke...ie: Al Bundy.

I have been blessed to have known many people who, themselves, have gone on to do amazing things. Enya Flack, Roman Phifer, David 'Boo" Duckworth, Denny Campbell, Danny Alexander, Marc Orealius....and many more I can't remember right now.


Sometimes there is only the Now.

The Past is just a dream we can't forget and no one wants to hear anyway.

I am that Dreamer


When you look up at the sky at night, and you see the stars...remember they're the same stars that Caesar saw, that Jesus saw, that You have seen.

You are no Caesar and Caesar died...so will you.

Can You live in a moment with Love in your heart?...to dream of a better way.

Can You?

I am very blessed, I hope you are too.

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3 years ago
Topics: Music, History, Family