Recently recruited my buddy into Cryptocurrency

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2 years ago

I recently caught up with my buddy in college and its been 8 years since we had our last conversation. On a random night, I received a message from him, then we did a video call, trying to caught up those 8 years past. So as we talk, he mentioned that he already have his own family and starting his own business on clothes which is absolutely great.

Then he asked me, What are you up to right now?

I told him that I am into cryptocurrency, and the first thing he said to me is, What is that?

I explained to him what is cryptocurrency and how it works and what cryptocurrency am I into. Even with the elaborate explanation, its hard to explain how a cryptocurrency operates, until you really show the person how it works personally.

We continue to talk about it, he got interested and asked me that he want to try it out too and invest his extra money to it, so I used the magic word for a crypto talking guy that I`m not a financial advisor.

But in my mind, I`m thinking that he is just starting his own clothing business and it would be hard to do it the same time, specially with volatility of the market right now because of the bull run. But he is still interested and want to learn more on how it works.

So I did some thinking on how could he still manage his business while learning about the basic of cryptocurrency. Then I realized why not try Noise Cash, right?

In Noise Cash you can share your story, show the people your work of art, create interesting content, engage with other user, share ideas, even receive comments or criticism on maybe how you can improve more and the most important thing is he can earn Bitcoin cash at the same time.

With this he can learn how Cryptocurrency work, how to send, how to receive, how to track transaction, how the blockchain works, learn about fees, the volatility of the market, prices goes up and down and more. What a better way than that.

This thing could help his business someday. And we talked about, maybe he can accept cryptocurrency as a payment for his business shirt. And the best one for it is Bitcoin cash, fast transaction and low fees.

Now he is still thinking of ways to improve his content on Noise.Cash. I told him that he can show the before and after of his work, and people might be interested on checking his DIY stuff.

You can check his work or support him, to encourage him more to put more interesting content.

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2 years ago