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2 years ago

Please read, this is my experience and thoughts on the previous changes in on removing the Free tips. And also the mistakes and the lesson I`ve learn from it.

So started using since last month with the thinking of just earning "free BCH" or " free cash", not knowing what the real motive of this platform.

At first, I look around and see what people are posting or how this thing works and how to earn. So i see some people sharing memes, quotes, sharing their experiences on that day and the most common are giveaways.

Then I started posting photos of my hobbies, my exotic pets and my everyday experience and thoughts . Some people give me free tips and commenting about on the photos i posted, and it made me happy to actually interact with the random people and giving their different reactions.

So eventually Noise started to give me free tips and you will have the option to choose a percentage on how much you will give and how much you will get, at first i don`t actually care that i only get 20% and 80% to the receiver. I did this everyday for almost two week with the constant post and receiving and giving free tips.

Then this is where my mistakes started to happen, and i will be honest about it. I actually got too greedy. This happen when one time i got too busy on studies and didn`t use Noise for like half a day, after that i got a notification that i have 0.75 free tips and saying that i wont receive anymore free tips because i am not using them.

So you know what i did to make sure that i get free tips continuously and not get capped? It`s what most of the random people actually doing, posting giveaways and games just to keep receiving free tips. And i actually change the percentage to 80% for me and 20% to the receiver. I thought that i will be content with this, giving free tips and at the same time getting some free BCH. Just to be clear I`m not blaming Noise that it gave me too much, it`s just that made a mistake and got too greedy about it.

Then the update happened . A lot of people got mad, saying a lot bad of stuff to noise and people actually leave. My first reaction is actually I got sad, no more free tips and only selected people that have a good content will receive free tips. Some people took offense on this, maybe because they`re thinking their content is not good enough to receive free tips.

I did a lot of thinking on what should I do, and I looked others content on why they still receiving tips and not me. So instead of sulking, feeling jealous or sad about it, I instead think on what i doing before and compare it now and realize what i did wrong.

Then i remember in one of the post of the line that made me realized. "Ok, so, what makes content "good"? Good content is something original, something that you thought of, something that makes people think, something you won't find on the Internet. Real interactions with people, where you add something to the conversation, not just "Good day" or "Thanks!"

It doesn't have to be scientific breakthroughs. Tell us about your life, what's going on? I used to love reading people stories about how they work in on farms, how their cities look, how their life goes on. That's interesting too. As opposed to reading that "Honesty is the best policy" for a millionth time.

So it hit me and I realized everything, before, I enjoy the passion of actually telling my thoughts at the moment, sharing on how I love my pets, getting interaction to random people, scrolling to give free tips to a deserving post that interest me and getting excited on what content should I post next. I lost all of this when I got blinded by greed.

Since then even without free tips, I`m actually back on what I`m doing when I first started, and it actually feels great. With the latest update the feeds are more clearer from the spams, you can actually see much better content, and actually interact to the post that interest you. And today my free tips are actually back and now that i learned my lesson, I will use it wisely and appropriately. " It`s not always about on how much you will earn, its also on how much you will share your passion, knowledge and interest "

My final thoughts, Just be yourself, enjoy the interactions to other people, post the thoughts on what interest you and it doesn`t need to be always about Bitcoin cash. For my understanding and in my own opinion, this platform show us on how BCH can be used. A lot of people post interesting things about it, you can follow them and you can learn more about BCH and its plan for the future. Thank you That`s all

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2 years ago