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25 years of hell Beauty or a curse ?!

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25 years of hell

Beauty or a curse ?!

Blanche Monnier, the extraordinarily beautiful smiling girl, was the daughter of a Banedi family in the city of Poitiers, France. Monnier fell in love with a handsome lawyer from the same city. The young man, who had just passed, still did not have a pass. Mrs Monnier could not accept this love of her daughter at all. He does not like a penniless lawyer as a potter. But the girl is also not willing to move from her decision. The mother and daughter continue to fight over this.

Suddenly Blanche disappears one day, as if he has disappeared from Paris. His mother and brother are constantly mourning Blanche. No one knows where the sweet girl got lost.

The years continue to cut one by one. The lawyer who loved the girl was hoping that Blanche would return one day, and he died in 175 with that hope.

25 years have passed.

1901 The Attorney General of Paris suddenly received a note from an anonymous person one day. It read:

"Honorable Attorney General: I would like to inform you of a very serious incident. I am talking about someone who is stuck in Madame Monnier's room, half-starved and living in a room for the last twenty-five years that is full of her own waste."

Lightning struck the police department. They immediately went to the inspection at Monnier Manson. Despite the obstruction of Mrs. Monnier and her son, the police broke into the house. Eventually a hidden eight-foot-by-eight-foot room was found on the second floor of the house. No one could enter the room because of the terrible stench. When the police finally turn on the light in that room, they see a blood-curdling scene.

Naked is a creature, hardly known as a human being, lying on the floor. The whole house is filled with his own excrement. Insects and rats are buzzing all over the house. Scattered parts of rotten food. The air inside is so toxic that it is impossible to breathe. Two policemen fainted after seeing this horrible scene.

Yes, this is Blanche Monnier, whose own mother has imprisoned him in this hell for 25 years. In these 25 years he has not seen any light. Maybe one or two days a week I would get some food and water. Leaving this hell for years, his mother and brother Divya were well-dressed in the outside world. Today, Blanche Monnier has become a scary beast for wanting to marry the man of her choice.

Police rescued him and took him to hospital. Mother and brother were arrested. His mother died 15 days after he went to jail. Blanche was later placed in a sanatorium, although he never regained his sanity. Blanche Monnier finally breathed his last in 1913.

In the context of this story, Sayek Aman of West Bengal wrote the story "Twenty-Five Years Later" which was aired on Radio Mirchi's Sunday Suspense program on July 21.

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Written by   2
1 year ago
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No one could enter the room because of the terrible stench.

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1 year ago