The consequence of my past life (chapter one).

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A crowd with voices of bad omen came into Fatima's house. She was still in bed planning for the day, when she heard this heavy knock on her door followed by voices of anger. "Panpanpan", "open the door you this irresponsible woman", a voice uttered angrily behind her door. 

"Please who is knocking on my door? Fatima responded humbly.

"I say open this door you irresponsible woman"? The same voice uttered again and this time, it was much louder than the first one. 

Fatima looked at her wall clock and it was 6:30 o'clock am in the morning. It was Tuesday, a market day at Fankyenebra. 

"Who could that person be and what does she want from me at this time of the day"? Fatima said this in a low tone. 

She opened her door and there stood a fat angry woman with a crowd behind her.  "What  brought you here,Boatemaa"? Fatima asked politely. "Where is the useless son of yours who has nothing meaningful doing with his life"?

Boatemaa asked furiously.

In the previous night some thieves broke into Boatemaa's shop and stole all her items. Through thorough investigation made by Boatemaa, she found out that it was Ali, Fatima's son who planned the robbery and he also happened to be the leader of the thieves who broke into her shop on Monday night. 

"What wrong has my son done to you?" Fatima asked submissively.

"Tell your son to bring all the items he and his gang stole from my shop yesterday's night, else I will cut the thing between his legs", Boatemaa said angrily. 

"My son was at home yesterday's night. I didn't see him going out". Fatima  said politely. 

"You are a liar woman. I saw Ali with some friends breaking into Mrs. Boatemaa's shop yesterday around 11:30pm in time." A twenty year old boy, Nsiah, who stood beside Boatemaa loudly said. 

Ali overheard the conversation that was going on as he sat at the edge of his bed in his room.

"I cannot accept these accusations since my hands are clean". Ali loudly said from his room. 

"You thief, come out here before I lose my temper". Boatemaa angrily said. Ali came out from his room.  "Thief", the crowd hooted at Ali. 

To be continued... 

Please watch out for the second chapter of this story.

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Hello. Good job, continue it!

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