Signs of a losed mind

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This is my article I published on noise cash and it contains some important information, so I thought it would be great sharing it with read cash content creators.

One is said to be having a lose mind when he/she is fully concentrated on acquiring something of importance by any possible means even if it takes the negative way to have it. Recently most people have adopted a lose mind due to their pressuring desires on wants without having a second thoughts. This has led to the occurrences of massive crimes and negativities in our societies which have gone beyond control. Let's look at some of the signs which indicate that one is having a lose mind.

*When one Preoccupied himself/herself with land acquisition by any possible means. Due to one's selfish interest and wickedness one plans to acquire a land by any possible means, even if it has to do with taking another person's life and it is sad to see our societies moving to this negative direction.

*When one preoccupied himself/herself with money acquisition by any possible means. Due to power, popularity, and respect acclamation, people turn to acquire money by all negative ways, even if it will cost the life of another. This is the kind of society we live in and the most surprising aspect of it is that people with such lose minds actually comes from well respected organizations and homes which hold teachings or doctrines against such negative doings.

*When one preoccupied himself/herself with acquisition of high positions by any possible means. Sometime it is very pathetic seeing people fighting over positions in organizations, firms, religious entities, etc. Due to jealousy one plans evil to have his/her fellow coworker lose a high position to pave way for him/her in occupying such high position. This is really bad and I wonder where this spirit of jealousy and backbiting originate from. These signs of a lose mind are cankers which corrupt the morality of individuals who allow themselves to be consumed with such negativities.

For these reasons, we have to be vigilante on such matters if we truly want to avoid such negative occurrences in our lives.

What is or are your signs of a lose mind?

All contributions and critics are cordially accepted.

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That's bad but been a trend. There are tons of people engulfed by bad intents just to get what they want.

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