Should it be sex before marriage or sex after marriage?

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This kind of question has been trending always because it looks more like an argument type with variation point of views. We would be looking at it from different angles for deep insights and would digest it bit by bit for clarity.

The Bible point of view.

The Bible strictly confirms that having sex with unmarried person is considered as fornication or adultery. Meaning sexual intercourse is only meant for married partners. Unmarried persons are not entitled to sexual intercourse including those who are in, out and not in relationship. One is still called a fornicator as long as he/she involves himself/herself in sexual acts and haven't gone through the marriage vows and rites.


In the Bible you could realize that all the people who walked with God didn't break their virginity before marriage, it was right after their marriages that their virginities were broken. God's people like Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Enoch, Methuselah, Noah, Sarah, Elizabeth, Rachael were all virgins before getting married and it was after their marriage that they lost their virginities to their husbands and wives. You could realize that in Christianity, sex is not anything mere to toy with but it is something which hold much value and therefore meant for married couples.

Moslems point of view.

In the moslems religion it is considered as "Haram", meaning abomination when two people from the opposite sex who are not married couples involve themselves in copulation. I learnt the offenders caught in such adultery acts are given hundred lashes and stone to death as punishment as their law implies.

This means that moslems do not tolerate the idea of sex before marriage. This makes every Moslem to perform the customary rites of his/her marriage as the religion demands before taking the spouse to bed since he or she doesn't want to break the law and face its associates consequences.

Traditional point of view.

In the traditional religion it is abomination for a person to lose his/her virginity before marriage especially the females. I learnt some tribes that follow the traditional way do perform some purifications for the unmarried persons caught in the sexual act and the man is forced to marry the woman against his will.

Others too face the banish law of their religion when found in sexual act and are not married couples. Traditionally, the charges or the punishments of the offenders are based on the laws of the tribes and they differ from one another.

Humanity point of view in this civilization period.

Generally, most people see sex before marriage as the normal with no strings attached. They see nothing wrong with that and they wouldn't hesitate to have sex with anyone they have feelings for at anytime and anyplace.

They don't want to control their sexual feelings and feel stressed out, but rather want their sexual adventures to carry them away to release their sexual stress and feel alright. Majority of people see sex as their personal right and therefore could do it with anyone they want including those in,out and the ones that are not in relationship.

My point of view.

Is sex before marriage that necessary?

My answer is no. What do you want to see in sexual activities and experience before getting married? To me it is not necessary to involve yourself in sexual activities and gain experience before getting married. I know some people may say that at least you have to try it to see how it feels and gain some experience, or you have to copulate with the person you have relationship with to see whether he/she is actually good in bed, but all these are not that necessary since you can do them after marriage.

Also, others too may say that after all their relationships are surely leading to marriage so they see nothing wrong in having sex with partners in relationship. It really amazes me hearing such statement because relationships as such actually jeopardize at the end, so how could they be sure that it is leading to marriage?

My reasons for choosing sex after marriage over sex before marriage.

1. Trust.

Your partner will never trust you sexually, because he or she may thinks that you would cheat behind his or her back if you get the chance when both of you had sex before marrying. On the other hand there is much trust between you and your partner when both of you marry before copulating since you believe strongly that you wouldn't cheat against each other.

2. Relationship endurance.

The relationship of partners who had sex before marriage is likely not to last long since there is lack of trust. On the other hand, the relationship of partners who marry before having sex last longer since there is much trust involve.


When you look vividly into this subject and analyze it well, you could see that all the religions point of views I explained are facing the same direction which is sex after marriage with the exception of humanity point of view in this civilization era which is facing the the other direction (sex before marriage).

Note: I'm not judging anyone since our perspectives differ from one another on this particular subject. I'm not hundred percent holy and sinner, I'm just setting facts straightforward to prove the reality on grounds.

These are just my opinions, nothing more, nothing less.

All contributions and criticisms are cordially accepted.

Thanks for stopping by and reading through.

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2 years ago


I strongly believe now in sex after marriage, my own stand, not forcing to others. Based on my observation and experiences, I am not that young like teenagers who love to experiment every now and then. Preachers also believe that we become sexually and emotionally attached to the person we had sex with, a spiritual cord has been bond and sometimes it is not the right one, thats why many still struggles in this area. I strongly believe in faithfulness and monopartner. SuperJulalaine

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2 years ago

To me, I still prefer sex after marriage because that is what the Bible taught us. The Bible wouldn't have said fornication if we are told to abstain from such act. But today, being a virgin has been disvalued and everyone has the mentialty that it is normal to have sex outside marriage.

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2 years ago

This is an undying argument. And i don't know where to stand other than in between. I believe that the most important thing is that you make choices and decisions that is right for you. Respect, Acceptance and trust are what matters the most. And maturity too.

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2 years ago

All what you have said matter and I wouldn't deny any of it.

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2 years ago

Everyone has their point of view on that matter, but I think as long as we respect each other and our choices, all is well ☺️

I personally have been married once and I’m not planning to get married again, but I sure won’t deny myself the enjoyment of sex because of this.

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2 years ago

I respect your opinion and appreciate your comment. Thanks for visiting my article.

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2 years ago