Life before and after 60 years.

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Life is really beautiful in the youthful stage. Below the age of 60 life could be very adventurous and more exploring. The power to enjoy life in areas of interest is very firm as a healthy elephant below the age of 60. You could go out and have fun with your friends, chat on areas of your preference, go on vacations. You have the energy to do things that your heart desires because you are physically strong and have other advantages. You never mind what others actually say about your life because it's your life and could live it the way you want it.

In such youthful age friend would normally come around to pay you visit often. They would at times come with beers and other alcoholic beverages to have a little party with you. Sometimes you may drink a lot of alcohol especially when you get carried away with too much excitement. At other times your parents may want to correct you when they realize that you are going off limits but you wouldn't listen because you feel you are grown up and are beyond correction or control.

Your parents may not want to worry you with too much advices because they know that you have matured enough to take reasonable decisions. They may advice you once especially when you are the quick-tempered type of person. You control your own destiny and decide which direction to face. Sometimes you may feel offended especially when someone try to correct you on a behaviour which he or she sees as negative, but you yourself actually see it as the normal.

The honey part of life is seen at the ages below 60. Honestly people who planned their lives well are the ones who enjoy the greater share of life's honey. You would wish to be in your youthful stage forever to enjoy life more especially when you have planned your life well and things are moving in your direction. You could eat your favourite foods, wear your favourite clothes, drive your favourite car, listen to your favourite songs, sing your favourite songs, dance to your favourite songs. Life below 60 is actually seen as paradise because it is where the excitement of life lies.

On the other hand, life above 60 years is like a hell because it is where your greatest priorities of life limits begin. Living life above the age of 60 is really trouble. Above this age you actually live on past memories. You would be flashing back to your youthful age of Happy moments. Sometimes you may wish to go back to that youthful age to experience that happy moments once again especially when you are currently witnessing a similar one to yours.

This is the stage where body pains and other diseases come into your life. Some diseases just come to visit whiles other diseases come to stay. You hardly go outside because your bones are weak and not that strong as you used to be in your youthful stage. You hardly visit friends since your legs are too weak to carry you to their houses. You actually live on medicines above this stage since you don't feel well always. You may not have your favourite foods any longer if they may cause health issue in your life.

Sometimes when your health issues become that serious, someone may have to carry you to the washroom to pee especially when you are too weak to walk. You would need the help of someone before you could put on your clothes, and when you don't like the way it had been put on you, you cannot complain that much because you yourself cannot wear your clothes. You could not feed yourself any longer unless someone feeds you. Someone would have to control you since you could not cater for yourself anymore.

Most of the things which bring you happiness are highly restricted to you with the exception of the ones that cause your health no harm. Life wouldn't be that hectic for you if you are lucky to have good family members who have patience and heart of love to take very good care of you. Unfortunately, life would be very hectic for you if you happen to have family members with no heart of love to cater for you in such weak stage of life.

Life below and above 60 years are part of the process of life planned by God for a purpose. Humanity needs to pass through these processes of life to help fulfill God's purpose. I believe it is also for a positive purpose.

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Life is a process that God has planned for a reason for those who are under and over 60 years old. To help God realize his mission, humanity must go through these life cycles. It appears to be for a good reason, in my opinion.

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