Life as a rock.

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Our lives as a rock differs from one another. The treasures we seek for, to better our lives with are found in these rocks. Some have to apply extra strength coupled with consistency to have their rocks stricked opened to get the treasures they seek for out of them. Others too have to put in less effort to strick their rocks opened to get the treasures they look for out of them.

Unfortunately, some people don't want to strick their rocks open in the geniune or acceptable way (the hard way) but want the shortcut way to cheat the rock stricking process. It mostly don't end well with people with such cheating character.

Others too follow the genuine or acceptable way in stricking their rocks opened through a gradual process with patience and consistency to get their treasures out. Astonishingly, people that follow the geniune way in stricking their rocks opened are few.

Generally, the multitude are the ones that take the shortcut way (wrong way) in stricking their rocks opened. Honestly, the few that strick their rocks opened in the right way are the ones that have true success with no negativities attached in this mission.

I believe you will be proud to be counted among the few, so will I. Let's be the ones to follow the geniune way in the rock stricking mission in life.

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