Know your limits in marriage/relationship as husband or wife.

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2 years ago

In marriage or relationship, there are some limits we shouldn't go beyond or cross no matter what the circumstances may be. Though argument or misundersting on issues may exist between the couples or partners but that shouldn't push one or both to go the extra mile to commit an offence which could bring serious troubles.

For instance, it is totally wrong for a partner to beat, insult, stab, kill, assault, his or her fellow partner no matter how strong or worse the disputes or the condition may seem. It would be better if you control your temper, or leave that very place if you can't contain it than to retaliate in a way which could bring chaoes.

Also it is very wrong for a partner to suck or drive away his/her partner from the house due to some mere mistakes or offences he/she did or committed. This is totally a crossed limit which shouldn't happen.

Sometimes I wonder what turns the love of some people to hatred that make them hate their partners to that extent. Such an inhuman treatment is an eyesore shouldn't be tolerated at all.

We should know these limits and shouldn't cross them.

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