How do you want to be remembered in life?

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This question and subject sounds very interesting as it reads. We all want to be remembered differently since the tasks involved in such rememberance differs though there may be some similarities. I want to be remembered in the right way, so do most people. I think only a psycho would like to be remembered in the wrong way. I would therefore be explaining how I want to be remembered and tasks involved to achieve that.

I want to be remembered;

1. As a humble person to everyone whether young, old or age mate. I try to humble myself to all personalities everywhere I go for this is the way to go far in life. For this reason I don't hesitate to be submissive even if the person is a child or my age mate. Sometimes my friends complains a lot for going that low to children but I don't mind because I know the positive results it yields for me.

2. As grateful person. I appreciate all the gifts, helps, offers I get from people whether big or small. I always thank them to make them realize that such offers or help means so much to me and this encouraged them to do more when they have strength.

3. As a respectful person to all people including old, age mate, and children. I try to be polite to everyone I speak with or talk to since I don't want to offend anyone and face the curses involved. For this reason I try not to disrespect everyone I meet in life.

4. As a person who accept his mistakes and apologize. I actually take the first step to apologise when I mistakenly or unintentionally offend someone when realized. I also don't hesitate to apologise when the person I offend unknowingly draws my attention to it. This has been saving me from feeling the heat of the people I offend unintentionally.

5. As a person who accepts criticisms. I try to accept criticisms from all people whether young, old, or age mate. Sometimes it's a bit hard to accept baseless ones but I still do since I learn from them and also use the others on point to correct my mistakes. I personally see all criticisms as necessity since they have a purposes to serve.

6. As simple person with life of simplicity. I try as much as possible to live a simple lifestyle everywhere I go in order not to draw much attention to myself. I like this lifestyle because I want people to open up to me so easy and not to see me as a difficult person to confront.

7. As a person who learn from all personalities. I learn from all people whether young, old or age mate. Age doesn't matter to me when it comes to knowledge acquirement. It doesn't bother me who it is coming from. What matters to me is getting the knowledge as long as it has positive impacts.

8. As person who cares for all personalities especially children, women, grandparents, and people with disabilities. I specifically highlighted these categories because they are the vulnerable ones. It pains me that much to see these vulnerable persons face life the hard way without getting the help they need.

Seeing street mothers with children, old men and women at the age of 60 upwards, persons with disabilities begging for money to just buy some food to survive really breaks my heart. I sometimes do my part to help them with the least I have on me. I wish I could assist them more if I have more on me. I would always continue to do the least I could to aid such people and wouldn't ask anything in return. At least the blessings involved would be enough for me.

9. As a person who doesn't pay wrong for wrong but rather right for wrong. Honestly, I don't take revenge on my offenders and I try all I can to stay that way because I believe in the law of karma and wouldn't want to have its consequences.

10. As a person who values everyone whether rich, average or poor. Time changes and people's situations also transform so I don't belittle people I meet in life, I rather value all of them.

11. As a person who gives from the heart. I always to do this because it opens closed doors for me in different directions.

12. As person who puts others priorities first before his. It makes me happy to help people have what they want in life before moving on to mine.

13. As a person who doesn't compete with others in life but with himself to make sure he is advancing bit by bit gradually as days go by in areas of importance.

14. As a person who inspires others on their dreams in life.

15. As a person who puts smiles on his face in hard times to remind and encourage others that there is still hope.

16. As a Christian who makes friends with other people from other religions and unbelievers.

17. As a person who could tolerate all behaviours.

18. As a person who speaks the truth.

19. As a person who patiently wait for his turn in life's opportunities. In life I don't rush for opportunities which are not yet mine but patiently wait to have in the due time.

20.As crypto enthusiast who came to know much about Bitcoin cash by the help of read cash and noise cash serving as knowledge and financial gained based platforms for content creators making him fell in love with Bitcoin cash more.

Closing thoughts

How well I want to be remembered in life comes with these tasks. Some of them are associated with difficult challenges which I'm doing all that I could to overcome them. I know this wouldn't be that easy since I have my imperfections but I can, by the strength of God which I pray for.

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How do you want to be remembered in life?

Would love to see yours.

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I like to be a motivator and help people come out of a challenge they are confronted with in their walk in life. When you lend a helping hand to people, you tend to get the best from they. I love to be remembered for being a friendly person and one who does not castigate. I love to be remembered for I am.

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2 years ago

I like the way you want to be remembered in life and it looks very positive too. Thanks for taking the time to go through my article.

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2 years ago