Friends as wolfs but decieve in sheep's clothing.

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Many great personalities today have fallen from the top to the bottom in life because of their friends they entrusted so much with everything they have. Some people beg before they could get some food to survive for the day because of a total betrayal of friends. Others too have lost their jobs and have no place to shelter because of friends they trusted so much but let them down.

Generally, To the masses, friends have done them more harm than good. Only few people confirm that friends have done them good more than harm. Since the negative influence of friends has been that much than the positive, Many people have totally lost interest in making friends. The ones left also take careful measures when making friends since they are aware of the consequences involved.

Be vigilant of people who come around you to be your friend.

Have you ever wonder why this new persons you know nothing about have suddenly want to be your friend? Have you wonder why they intrude on your conversation even when you haven't call them? Have you ever wonder why they insist to help you with something when you don't need such help? Have you ever wonder why they insist to come to your house at your leisure time?

These are their reasons.

They use these strategic plans to get close to you to know you more, I know at first you wouldn't want to share your secret with them but they have a way of creating an interesting stories which have deep mysterious which probably lure you to voice out your secret to them. Honestly you would share you secrets with them before you realize it due to their deceptive way in conversation.

You may not even bother to worry if you realize that they know your secrets since you see them as your newly found friends and per their angelic reactions they display in your presence, you wouldn't think they could have negative thoughts against you.

Their reactions in covering up their real evil intentions against you.

They would come to your house, dine with you, wear your clothes, shoes, use your perfume, bath with your sponge, clean up with your towel, use your car, sometimes take care of the bills, encouraged you with sugar-coated words, sweep your room, clean up your room, sing for you, dance for you, use your phone, give you great surprises on your birthday, fetch water for you, cook food for you, iron your clothes, drink with you from the same glass, travel with you to interesting places, pretend to fight for you, drop you at your work place, learn with you in class, help you to understand topics you don't understand in school, congratulate you in your academics, watch over your supermarket or shop when you are not around, run your errands for you, bring your children home from school, take your children to school, attend church service with you, go to the gym with you, attend meetings with you, ride horses with you, ride bicycles with you, go to the farm with you, pretend to describe you as their mentor, pretend to describe you as their role model, wait for you to have your seat before having theirs, pretend to pray for you, pretend to console you in bereavement, pretend to care about the difficulties you are facing in life, praise you in front of everyone when you are around.

They would do all these to take your mind from their real intentions. They would continue to show up these positive behaviours towards you till they fish out all your secrets and sell you out. Such friends as wolfs who come in sheep's clothing mostly don't just destroy any areas or points but rather the vital areas that would totally bring a person down. And When they accomplish such evil task you would never find them in your life anymore. Such evil friends task is to eat you up, drained your success and bring you back to zero in life and when they are done with you, they depart from your life.

Closing thoughts.

I am not saying that all friends are wolfs but most of them are. Though we have some friends who are good in reality and are not pretenders but they are few. We must be extra careful with the most people who suddenly want to become our friends, pretend to give good business advice to boost our business, pretend to give us positive advice in life which in reality it's bad instead.

At least we should make a background check on them before deciding on with their friendship request. In case they keep on insisting, we could just be friends with them on greetings terms and not necessarily sharing our secrets with them. I think it is not necessary to share your secrets with people you see as true friends because when the friendship breaks they could sell out your secrets too. To cut a long story short it is better not to trust any friend with our secrets

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At first instance it is difficult to judge a friend. There is a famous say A friend in need is a friend indeed. Who is a wolf can be known only when we start over taking them in all aspects. Their true colour will come out. When we are shattered by all means the person who stands with us is our true friend. Trust me.

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2 years ago

We just need to be careful of people like this around us. Though we may not know what their mind is towards us, but we need to be extra careful in mingling with them. They act as real friends until their mission is accomplished and you then see who they truly are.

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2 years ago