Children's choice of careers, (who is supposed to choose them?).

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In simple meaning a career is a profession which one does to make a living out of it. Problems actually do arise when it comes to career selection for children since parents are mostly the ones who choose the career for their children. So my questions are, 1, is it right for parents to choose careers for their children? 2, Don't children have the right to choose their own career?

My opinion

Parents shouldn't choose careers for their children, though they are financing the children's education but that doesn't mean the children have no choice on careers. Children should be allowed to choose the professions they dream of and parent can only come in to guide them and make suggestions.

Parent shouldn't force children to persuie professions which are against the will of their children because they could jeopardize the life of their children if they force their children to choose careers they don't desire or dream about.

Let me use this story as an example.

I know a guy in my area where I stay who use to be very good when it comes to designing outfits for special occasions. His dream always was to become a professional fashion designer but his parents who are that rich wanted him to become a medical doctor.

His parents told him that they wouldn't want to hear any other profession if it is not medical doctor. They made it clear to him that they were not ready to finance him with that professional fashion designer dream of his. They added that they would not take care of him any longer if he continue to persuie the fashion designer dream and ignore to accept their idea of becoming a medical doctor.

Since the guy has already made up his mind of becoming a professional fashion designer he ignore his parent idea. His parent burnt down his working place and destroyed the machines he used for his fashion designing work.

He was really hurt emotionally when he found out that his parents were the persons who burnt down his work place and machines. He was more shocked when his parent confirm to him that they wouldn't watch him use their money on such useless profession which they see as a disgrace to their family.

His parents told him he should look for money elsewhere to build his shop, machines and finance himself if he thought of restarting his fashion designer work. As for them, they were not ready to finance him and his profession which would bring disgrace to their family.

Life became very tough for him since his job as a fashion designer was destroyed by his parent and they were not ready to take care of him too. He told a friend who was also a fashion designer about his problem. His friend allowed him to work as assistant in the friend's fashion designer shop. He was paid salary every month so he was able to save some money.

As a working assistance for two years at his friend's work place he was able to save enough money to restart his own fashion designer work. So he told his friend who employed him his plans on restarting his fashion designing work. His friend suggested that to be a brilliant idea.

He thanked his friend for such a massive aid and went to restart his fashion designing work. He advanced gradually and now he is a hot cake in the fashion designing Industry in my country. He recently made great designer outfit for important personalities such Kings, queens, Members of parliament and others.

Now his parents bow their heads down in shame everytime they see or meet him and also regretted for not helping to make his dream a reality.

There was another incident where a lady committed a sucide because his parents were forcing her to be a nurse, meanwhile the lady's dreams was to be a musician.

With these both incidence you could realise that not all people have the heart to endure the hardship and fight for their dreams/passions/professions to make them a reality. Some could do it whiles others could not.

Parents should consider these circumstances and shouldn't force their children into professions or careers which are against their children will but should rather allow their children to choose careers which they are willing to do heartedly.

After all, their children are the ones who are going to live with such careers not the parent themselves.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

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It is the rich parents that do enforce and instill their own chosen career to their children. Instead of guiding children in their chosen career through their dreams, they fall into the victim of being forced to go for what their parents chose for them.

Parents can only be a guide and support their children. Every child has his or her own talents and dream, they shouldn't be thwarted or ruined because as a parent, you want them to do what you want.

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You are welcome. Thanks also for making such insightful contribution on this subject.

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