Websites/programs that actually pay you crypto for little to no effort

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You know we have all been there, searching for a way to make an extra buck online but with no intent to put much effort into it. I've been there for a few years now and it's been a journey trough a lot of shady websites and false promises, but there is always a few gems that reward you for the long and risky search.

I've noticed that there are actually a lot of ways to make money online but I tried to avoid surveys and other stuff that takes a very long time to complete, I'm also not a fan of giving away all your personal data to make a few cents online.

A lot of websites work with a referral program that can make you some passive income when you get a lot of them, I know this isn't an option for most people because not everyone has a large following on social media or IRL.

I do have a decent amount of followers on Twitter that I managed to gain in 8-9 years, so that's how I get some of my earnings from.

One thing to note is: 'you will not get rich form this, it's only a side buck'

Now let's get on with the list.

1. Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is a very well known crypto exchange that actually lets you earn crypto by learning about the different tokens/coins that are available on there.

Every once and a while, they add a new token/coin to the exchange and they give the opportunity to learn about it by watching video's.

Every video got a reward of $1 - $3 worth of the token/coin you are learning about, you earn it when you answer the question correctly that appears after the video.

Sometimes there also are invites that are worth $10 each.

2. Brave Browser

Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Chromium web browser. It blocks ads and website trackers, and provides a way for users to send cryptocurrency contributions in the form of Basic Attention Tokens to websites and content creators.

They used to have a very nice referral program but unfortunately it ended in late November 2020.

The other way to make some extra money on there is to enable ads, they pay you 70% of the ad revenue when you click on the ad to thank you for you attention.

3. Cryptotab browser

This Browser has a built-in Bitcoin mining system that lets you mine on as many devices as you wish.

The best way to make the earnings on this browser more appealing is to refer a lot of people. They have a 10 level referral system, the only thing you have to do is share your link around and hope they do the same. If this goes well, you are making a decent passive income.

4. Publish0x

Publish0x is a blogging website that allows people to write articles and tip the articles with money granted by the website.

You choose the percentage of every tip you want to give to the blogger and to yourself.

The crypto you earn is in the form of Ethereum, Basic Attention Token, Ampleforth and Farm.


This is an amazing website I got recommended about 2 weeks ago, It's a social media platform where people can earn Bitcoin Cash by posting on the site.

If people like the post, they can tip the user with their own BCH, the BCH they earned themselves or with freetips that randomly get granted to active members.

They can choose what percentage of the tip that goes to the other user and to themselves.

6. Pipeflare

Pipeflare is a crypto faucet that directly pays into your wallet.

Once every day, there is a button to earn Zecash, Dogecoin and Flarecoin.

You get a multiplier when you are active a lot of days in a row and every week, you get a chance to earn up to $5 with a lucky freespin.

When you invite people, you get a percentage of their earnings. The referral system has 4 levels.


I'm guessing everyone knows how this works.

If you have any other ways to make money that I can add to this list, let me know and I'll check it out.

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That's a Good Article indeed!

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