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3 years ago

It all started when someone of my twitter followers DM'd me about this website where I can make money by just posting online. At first I was like naaaah that sounds way too easy but I tried it out anyway.

Be sure to follow him ;)

When I made and account it took me a while to figure out what would be the best way to make some decent money, that would be posting in active chambers.

I posted a lot about BAT and Brave because in the meantime I became a BAT ambassador, it seems like a lot of people enjoyed the content because I got a decent amount of tips and followers.

I posted a few times daily and was earning a lot if you compare it to other earning websites, others have minimum withdraws of unreachable amounts, Noise doesn't have a minimum.

I also got featured by the admins one day in a post where they thanked a few members for actually posting good content instead of the many spammers who only posted to get some tips.

When they changed the tipping system, they disables the freetips and made it so a like could give a tip from $0.001 to around $0.50, the tips get higher when you get a lot of good ratings I would imagine.

Now a days I post a lot and im getting close to 600 followers, it's not a lot but the engagement is decent when I post. At some points the earnings on a single post are insane.

I really enjoy the website and I will keep using it.

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