My experience with Crypto

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2 years ago
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The first time I got in contact with crypto was because of my cousin, he made a big profit in the $20K Bitcoin bull run, I saw a potential to make a lot of money so I invested myself.

At first it was a small investment of €50 to test out how everything works on Coinbase, then after a while I put in a few hundred more.

I especially saw potential in the Brave browser with its Basic Attention Token, I made it my main asset when it was very low priced.

I looked around for ways to make money a lot, even before I knew crypto but there wasn't something that payed a significant amount and it always took months to reach the payout.

But the I found out about Coinbase earn. It was super easy and had an instant payout, I made around $200 on there just by doing short quizzes and inviting others to do the quizzes.

Later I found out about the amazing Brave browser referral program, it looked almost too good to be true because it payed so much but it was legit.

I did my best to invite as many people as possible and I got a good amount of them in a few months. Unfortunately the program ended in November 2020.

I got into other ways to earn some more crypto

They didn't pay a lot but combined it was decent for little to no effort.

Recently I found out about and its amazing,, I'm earning 10x - 20x compared to the other websites.

I'm sure the crypto world is going to grow a lot in the coming years. It's going to be a bumpy ride but it will be worth it in the end.

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2 years ago
Topics: BTC, Earn crypto, Earn money, Money, Earn, ...


That's such nice journey, Good luck

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