What Did I Do In Crypto Today? | $DOG, $POM, SHIBACASH | 9th October 2021

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Disclaimer: This is absolutely what you think. It is indeed financial advice, and if you follow it, take responsibility for your decision to follow it. You are a grown-up now. Don’t come wailing back to me if it did not work.

I was kidding. This is not financial advice.


Good Day

Alright, today, all that I did with my dollars was to spend it on opportunity tokens. Yeah, I changed the terminology from s*it coins. Because, while it may seem not having much utility, it did make few people I know millionaires. And I am talking about tokens like Shib and Doge. We are not even talking about the kings like Bitcoin or ETH. So, I made up my mind. I am going to call them opportunity tokens from now.

Let's look at a few opportunities tokens I bought today.


Opportunity Tokens/Coins | $DOG and $POM

Yesterday, I wrote about Tipestry and how the site is coming up with an airdrop of SuperDog (POM) tokens for every Dogecoin Cash token held in your BSC wallet/Metamask/Trust or any other. The site mentions that the snapshot will be taken on 15th October, and 100,000 POM will be airdropped for every DOG held. The only two conditions – you should hodl a minimum of 100 DOG, and it should be in your BSC linked wallets. That’s all.

Here is my yesterday's article for those that need more information: Tipestry | 100,000 SuperDog Airdrop For Every $DOG (not DOGE) Held In BSC Wallet

So, while I recommended buying DOG, I had to go out and do it myself too. So, that’s what I did. I headed over to Pancakeswap and used my BNB to swap $DOG. I bought 1028 DOG. What I did not realize was that DOG is priced at $0.021 per token. That’s like a tenth of DOGE’s price. Whoaaa, that’s a surprise 😊. That gave me one more reason to stick around Tipestry. After all, I will be getting paid in all three tokens, POM, DOG, and DOGE. Not bad, huh?

If you are an author and wish to join Tipestry, you can do so here: [JOIN TIPESTRY](https://tipestry.com/register?ref=oivas)

But that’s not all. Since I was there on Pancakeswap, I wondered why to wait for the airdrop. Why can’t I buy some POM straightaway? And that’s what I did. I used some BNB to buy about 184,000,000 POM tokens. Hmm. I will also get another 100,000,000 POM for the $DOG that I am hodling. So, that’s some cache. Will it become $1? Of course, yes. I am a multi-millionaire already. 😊

So, that was the practicing what I preach part. Yesterday, I recommended buying $DOG, and today I went ahead and bought it myself.


SHIBACASH | Some More Fun

While I was anyway on Pancakeswap, I thought, why not buy some more opportunity coins. I had heard of Shibacash for some time, and now that I was there, I went for the kill.

I think Shibacash is priced at $0.000000005606, and I swapped my BNB and bought about 1,400,000,000 of the coin. That’s 1.4 billion. But even after the purchase, my hands did not stop itching. I wanted to buy some more of many different tokens.

That’s when my daughter came in to call me for lunch. I guess that was my cue to stop playing around on Pancakeswap and step away from my laptop with my hands on my head. Hahahha.


That’s It?

So, that’s my crypto buying journey for today. I will be back tomorrow, and trust me, we will have fun buying some more tokens. I will keep sharing my dope on the tokens, and if you enjoy those, you can buy them too.

Have fun! I will meet you all tomorrow.


Image Courtesy: Ijmaki @Pixabay | Shibacash Logo



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