What Did I Do In Crypto Today? | 30th September 2021

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2 years ago

Good Day

There is something or the other that I keep doing around crypto but hardly write about it. But that was not always the case. I used to write a lot of articles about crypto and crypto projects back in 2018. I was regular talking about projects and coins that I had invested in. If you were around in 2018, you would know about ICOs, right? Those were the craze back then.

I did write for many new projects and got tons of coins. Many of those projects are dud now, but I did make good returns on few others. I remember NULS, VITE, and few others, which yielded some solid returns, and I am happy about that. Anyway, so what have I been doing lately?

Here is what.

Some Cool Coins/Tokens

Alright, I will start with the most recent ones and touch upon others.

1. XEC (ecash) | Erstwhile BCHA

 So, somewhere a couple of months back, I got a Binance notification that it would be completing the BCHA redenomination soon, and I had to check it out. Back then, BCHA was trading at $32, and I never saw the coin. Of course, we know its elder siblings – Bitcoin and BCH. So, I thought, why not just buy one and keep it for the sake of it. I bought one for $32 and forgot about it.

But guess what, roughly two weeks later, when I saw my portfolio, BCHA was gone, and there was XEC in its place with a price of $ 0.00003 roughly. I did not know that the redenomination was 1:1,000,000. So, I got 1 million of XEC, and the best part, the price shot up in a week. It is currently at $ 0.00025. Not bad, huh?

My $32 became $253 within a couple of weeks, and now stationed at $166. This is one of the quickest profits that I have witnessed. Also, it has a lot of upside being a Bitcoin sibling, after all. Guess I could become a millionaire here. 😊

2. XTM (or Torum)

Now, this was not an investment of money but time and effort. Torum happens to be one of the writing sites on which I got on in January 2021. It was a perfect community, and it still is with vibrant and dynamic interactions. Mann, that site has a ton of inputs on where to find free stuff, and I am not kidding; be it NFTs, Games, ICOs - and the list goes on. Imagine finding a ton of free things across the crypto-sphere while making XTM on the site. How cool is that?

Well, XTM got listed just a few weeks back, and I learned that my 1,000+ XTM was worth $130. It has come down since, but it is a pretty good one. My only complaint is the ETH chain. The gas fees are mindboggling if I intend to do anything with my XTM. For the moment, I allow it to sit on the site. 😊

You can still make XTM on the site, and if interested, I have left a link at the bottom. Join and have fun!

Some S**t Coins/Tokens

The idea of becoming an instant millionaire runs across my mind quite often. And guess what, many have become millionaires by hodling s**t coins. My opinion - make hay while the sun shines. 😊

1. Baby Doge

Yeah, yeah, I know. I got lured in by the Doge’s success. But then uncle Elon Musk also tweeted about it. So, I headed to Pancakeswap and exchanged $0.3 and bought about 600 million of these babies.

Do you know what’s fun about it? It appears that Baby Doge keeps returning 5% of all transaction cost to hodlers. So, for just holding Baby Doge in my Metamask, I get paid.. well.. Baby Doge. So, right now, my hodling has become 606 million in just about a few weeks. So, 6 million coins for free for just hodling. 😊

Will it ever become $1? I don’t know. But if it does, I become a multi-millionaire. Muaahhahahhahaha! 😊

Some Gaming Coins/Token

1. Splinterlands

Alright, if you haven’t heard of Splinterlands yet, let me know which cave you live in. I want to find Neanderthals in their natural habitat. 😊

Other than Axie Infinity, Splinterlands is one of the most happening games in the blockchain universe. With the SPS airdrops, it has already made many millionaires, and the airdrops are continuing. It will be on for another 300 days. If you fancy catching it, here is a link to join:

JOIN Splinterlands

Go ahead. Join the fun!

That’s It

Alright, there are many more investments that I have made, and I will keep writing about it now and then. So, stay tuned.

As of now, that’s it from me. I will see you around soon. 😊


Image Courtesy: Ijmaki @Pixabay



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2 years ago


I have to admit that while I find it much more difficult to determine future value of any of these coins like I can do with stocks, it IS nonetheless fun to watch and sometimes cash in on a few winners. :)

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2 years ago

True, we still have to figure out a way to know great projects in the cryptoland. :)... But I have to admit that I am lured by the fact that a small unknown token has the potential to make you a millionaire if not a billionaire. :)

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2 years ago