Vite | An Exciting Journey of Finding Tokens In A Forgotten Wallet

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I still have no clue what VITE is. I only know that two years ago, someone said that this is the next big opportunity to mine VITE coins, which was different from the VITE ERC-20 token or the other way around. I have no clue, but I downloaded the app on my phone and started mining.

It used to give roughly 5 VITE every day. I gladly claimed it some days and gladly forgot to claim it some days. So, after using it for few months, I had accumulated somewhere around 134 tokens, and the VITE app asked me if I wanted to stake it. I said, why not and then staked it. 

Thereafter, the grind of claiming VITE tokens every day continued. But then one day, the app said that I had to update it from Google Play Store for new updates. Now, back then, the token was worth nothing, and I was not having anything of worth in my kitty, so I did not want it at all. 

What did I do?


This Is What I Did

I just deleted the app, and with that, all the tokens that I had claimed and staked. Good riddance, I thought!

But after two years, yesterday, Binance sent a message stating a new trading contest. For those of you who don’t know, Binance keeps having these trading contests almost every week where one coin/token is selected for trading contests. Needless to say, you have awesome prizes at the end of it; in 1000s of dollars.

Okay, coming back to my story, the contest was on VITE coin. I was stunned. I remembered that I threw away the entire collection. Can you believe that? Something I thought was worthless, which it was, was now listed on exchanges. You know, I guess now I know how the guys who sold their Bitcoins at US $8 must be feeling now. ☹

Anyway, cutting a long story short. I had this habit of capturing on excel all the details of airdrops, account openings, exchange account openings, etc. I ran through it, and Voila, VITE, was listed there. I had not lost the details.

I downloaded the wallet and recovered with the seed phrase, and guess what? It was all there. The 212 tokens, along with the staked ones, were there. And they were worth USD 50. Now, I have tokens to trade and play on Binance. Woohooo!!

That’s my story of lost and found! After two years! 😊


*Learnings:* Always back up stuff whenever you are opening something new. You never know when it could become useful! 😊


Staying on the topic for a moment more

Well, I did mention that there is a contest of VITE trading on Binance. If that interests you, here are the details:

Here are the details and what we win: 

Binance hosted VITE Contest

Don’t have a Binance Account? You can use my link and register: 

Binance Account Opening

By the way, newbies have an easier way of winning USD 10,000 worth of prizes in the same contest. So, if you haven't started yet, it not a bad idea of getting started now. :)


Image Courtesy: Binance Poster || MichaelWuensch @Pixabay


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