Splinterlands | No Melee Monsters Rule | Jail The Hand-To-Hand Combatants

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Splinterlands | Melee Monsters

One of the rules we will be touching upon today is the No-melee monsters rule. Here is one rule that I had seen at the very beginning when I first started to play Splinterlands. This was one tough rule to negotiate in my early gaming days. Why? Well, we depended almost completely on melee attackers to win a battle. The magic and ranged attackers were fine but did not have the attack power of the melee monsters.

So, you see our predicament back then? We now have very good magic and ranged attackers, so getting through a battle without melee monsters is relatively easy. Anyway, the rule is quite an interesting one. Shall we take a look now?

But before that, let's spend a minute getting to know Splinterlands. After all, that’s where we will find the No-melee monster rule.

What Game is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a digital card game that allows you to collect, trade, battle, rent, and even earn from the cards. *The game gives Play to Earn a whole different meaning.* By now, you would know that the governance token (SPS) airdrop made millionaires out of the early adopters. It still keeps giving and remains a fun and engaging game.

To give you an idea of how lucky you can get in Splinterlands, read my story of getting cards worth $500 from buying only a few packs worth $20.

Got Cards Worth $500 from $20 Packs

And this is just a tiny number. I have witnessed people getting uber-expensive cards in their pack and selling it for as high as $6500. In fact, there is a whole Splinterlands marketplace on the Hive blockchain and now on Wax too.

Any reason not to try it out? To join, scroll down quickly. 😊

The No-Melee Monster Rule| You Lose A Strong Tank

All Splinterlands gamers know that the melee attackers are also the stronger monsters that can withstand a good round of attacks. It is these monsters that we most depend on to keep the enemy from getting an easy pass-through. However, when we drop the melee monsters, it becomes an effort to find a good magic or ranged attacker to take the first position.

Almost all ranged attackers, barring a few like the Lava Launcher, cannot be used in the first position. So, it is up to the magic monsters mostly to stand in the front. And that’s where the melee monsters are missed the most.

But then, it’s also fun to strategize without the melee attackers. We know that there could be only two types of attacks – magic and melee – and so, plan only for them. So, we could use monsters with Void or Void armor to repel magic or headwind and return attack to neutralize ranged attackers. It is all fun. How about watching the fun in action?

Let’s go.

The Battle | Frowns and Angry Brows

Here is one battle where we had the no-melee attack rule in play. The only Splinters available were the Water, Death, and Dragon Splinters.

It was a 23-mana battle and, therefore, a bit tricky. If we try to load the lineup with high mana monsters, we risk getting into the battle with too few monsters. On the other hand, if we have the lineup filled with low mana monsters, we risk being beaten by the opponent’s strong attacks.

I took my call, and now it is time to see if they do well in battle.

The Face-Off Screen

I, eventually, ended up going for a blend of high mana monsters with strong attacks. The hope was that it would be sufficient for this battle.

And from the looks of it, it did seem sufficient. My lineup is in the top half of the screen, while the opponent is in the bottom. I chose Water Splinter, and my summoner would reduce the opponent’s magic monsters’ attack value by one.

The opponent went with Death Splinter and Thadius Brood as the summoner. Thadius has a dual effect on my monsters. It not only reduced the magic attack value but also decreased the health of all monsters by one. That’s some reduction. I am glad that I chose stronger monsters health-wise.

We Battle Hard

This battle appeared to be played fast-forward.

By just the beginning of round 2, the opponent’s lineup was decimated. The ranged attacker in the front was of no consequence, while the second ranged attacker would not do much damage to my lineup.

The battle was almost over.

And The Battle Hurries to Conclusion | Whopped the Opponent

At the end of round 3, it was game over for the opponent.

This is what I was referring to in the beginning. If we look at the mana and plan to fill up the spots with low-health monsters, it may not work. I had strong attackers that drowned the opposition.

Anyway, that’s not food for thought for me. I won. I can enjoy!

An Easy Victory For the Opponent | An Unexpected One

Well, it was not completely unexpected but the pace definitely was. I have hardly been in a battle where the opponent was nullified in the first few attacks. I loved it. I mean, who does not like fast and furious victories?

So, that’s it from me. I will see you all soon.

Want to Join Splinterlands?

You can click below and follow the link. All the best!



Want to Watch the Battle I Spoke About?

Here it is:


Image Courtesy: Splinterlands Resources


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