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As the title would have told you, I won against the Byzantine Kitty. Before jumping to nice conclusions that I must be a great player or my strategies are amazing (which sometimes are ;)), let me tell you that this was due to my opponent’s mistake.

First and foremost, the opponent read the rule wrong. The Kitty was the wrong choice for this battle, and then to make matters worse, chose just one monster. That was a bit of overconfidence. Of course, it could be one of the newbies in the game, in which case, let me not run the opponent down. 😊

I had gone with the Water Splinter into battle with Alric Stormbringer as the summoner. Most would know that Alric increases the magic attack of all friendly monsters by one. That was wanted I wanted.

Though the opponent went with the Byzantine Kitty, he/she too clubbed it with the Water Splinter. So, that made two Water Splinter battles with the benefit of Kitty’s buff. Of course, in this case, the Kitty worked in my favor more than the opponent’s.

Let’s look at the battle to understand more. But before that, let’s take a moment to know more about Splinterlands. That’s the place where you will find both the Byzantine Kitty and Alric Stormbringer.

What Game is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a digital card game that allows you to collect, trade, battle, rent, and even earn from the cards. *The game gives Play to Earn a whole different meaning.* It is one of the most generous games that I have seen where cards, potions, Dark Energy Crystals (DEC. Cryptocurrency) are given out every day to thousands of players for just playing and winning daily quests. And there are tournaments that you can play or guilds that you can join.

Just to give you an idea of how lucky you can get in Splinterlands - read my story of getting cards worth $500 from buying few packs worth $20 only.

Got Cards Worth $500 from $20 Packs

And this is just a small number. I have witnessed people getting uber-expensive cards in their pack and selling it for as high as $6500. This means the game has interested buyers for your cards too. In fact, there is a whole Splinterlands marketplace.

*If this is not enough, then Splinterlands has just launched the governance token SPS, which is being airdropped to all Splinterlands players over the next year. So, you are not late. Get on with the game and earn SPS today.*

To join, scroll down quickly. 😊

The Rule for the Battle | Alric locks horn with the Kitty

I am as eager to talk about the battle as much as you are to know about it. So, here goes.

As you can see, it is a low mana cap on the battle while also has the reverse-speed rule. That means all the slow monsters will attack first, followed by the faster ones. This is where the opponent made the first mistake. One of the Kitty’s strengths is to speed up all friendly monsters. In that sense, it is made for a regular battle. But in reverse-speed it debuffs its own monsters. In other words, the Kitty worked for me more than the opponent. 😊

But let’s see the battle to get a sense.

Getting Ready to Meet The Opponent

Here is where I came face-to-face with the opponent.

Well, to be honest, the opponent’s team looked a bit stymied. In the normal sense, you would have felt that it is a good choice considering that the Sea Monster is self-healing as much as would be healed by the Kitty.

But here’s the second problem. We already saw the first one, the speed, but the second one was about affliction. Now, unlike the Scarred Llama, the Kitty does not cleanse. It heals, but it cannot undo affliction on the monster. In such a case, any of my monsters having affliction is more than enough to stop the Sea Monster. And that’s what happened.

Let’s get to know the teams before jumping to the battle. We will start with the opponent’s team.

Summoner: Byzantine Kitty | Dragon Splinter | Increases friendly monsters’ speed by two. It gives all monsters a true-hit ability. And lastly, it heals the monster in the first position each round.


Position 1: Sea Monster | A melee attacker with an attack value of four. It also has self-healing ability.

That was a short lineup. Now, we head to my team.

Summoner: Alric Stormbringer | Water Splinter | Increases all friendly magic monsters’ attack value by one.


Position 1: Kelp Initiate | Non-attack monster

Position 2: Creeping Ooze | A non-attack monster. It reduces the speed of the opponent’s monsters by one. This was my mistake. 😊

Position 3: Ice Pixie | Magic attack monster with an attack value of one.

Position 4: Captain’s Ghost | Magic attack monster with an attack value of two. It also has affliction ability.

I realized that I made a mistake too. In a reverse speed battle, I got a creeping ooze that works for the opponent’s team. That was my fault. The Kitty with an increase in two speed will debuff my debuff. Phew!! 😊


And the Battle Begins

The first monster to attack was the Captain’s Ghost, and it delivered the affliction on the Sea Monster. With that, the Sea Monster’s healing ability as much as the Kitty’s healing went for a toss.

Notice: Because of the Kitty, the Sea Monster is the second to attack. Otherwise, it would have been the first to attack.


The Battle Races to Conclusion

Since the Sea Monster couldn’t heal, it was a sitting duck.

It just took me one more round to destroy the opposition. The Captain did the trick by attacking the Sea Monster one last time. With that, the curtains came down on the battle.

I won, of course. 😊

Alric’s Magic Tamed the Kitty

I have reasons to believe that the player could have been new to the game because he/she did not understand the rules well as much as have the right monsters to accompany the Sea Monster. In that sense, it was more of a learning for the player.

I won, but I am sure a seasoned player would have made it difficult. Either way, we will accept that victory was Alric’s in a battle where Kitty wasn’t expected. 😊

Want to Join Splinterlands?

You can click below and follow the link. All the best!



Image Courtesy: Splinterlands


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