Pi Network | All You Crypto Veterans – Must Have Heard of It? | It’s Still Around and Trading at $31

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Disclaimer: This is absolutely what you think. It is indeed financial advice, and if you follow it, take responsibility for your decision to follow it. You are a grown-up now. Don't come wailing back to me if it did not work.

I was kidding. This is not financial advice.


Pi Network | I Heard It First When?

Starting 2017, I was into crypto thanks to the Steemit site where I started writing first. Steemit was a crypto site powered by the native token Steem. With that came my tryst with cryptiny!

> *Before going ahead, here is the referral link for Pi: https://minepi.com/Oivas321 OR*

> *get on the site and use my username as referral – Oivas321.*

> *Why am I sharing it here? Because Pi is worth $31 and you can read on to find out more about it. Remember, this has to happen on your mobile.*

Coming back, there were a lot of learnings back in those days, and with that came a lot of free tokens, mining, scam tokens, scammers, and more. It was a steep learning curve since I hadn’t before crypto known anything remotely resembling a private key, posting key, memo key, wallet address, seed phrase, or errors with posting private key instead of wallet address. Phew! Dangerous days those. Today what we consider as second nature, was a scary interaction with the cryptoverse back in the day.

Anyway, that was also the time I came in touch with three tokens – *VITE, Initiative Q, and Pi*. In my opinion, back then all three were scams or all three were good. But their relatively long gestation period without any concrete plans made me wonder if I was wasting time with them. VITE was mineable on the phone while Q and Pi worked on referrals. Those days referrals were one bullish thing and I remember many tokens won across projects through referrals.

But were they worth it?

Worth It? | Partly Yes | Mostly No!

While VITE also worked on referrals but it spooked me to have my phone working to mine something. Remember, these were early days for me in crypto. But in hindsight, this was the only one that actually yielded me anything. I mined till 200 Vite and then stopped and uninstalled the app. Nearly a year later, VITE got listed on exchanges and I kicked my luck. If I had persisted, I could have easily mined more than 10,000 VITE. But I did not. ☹ It was 30 cents at one point and today is around 2-3 cents.

But the larger tragedy was Initiative Q on which I worked quite ardently. To cut a long story short, this one bombed with Q becoming Quahl and later shutting shop completely. I think I had around 18,000 points of Q, which, in hindsight, was worth nothing and continues to be worth nothing. 😊

Now, the other thing that I worked on was the Pi Network. Back then, the proverbial, every tom-dick-and-harry had joined the Pi Network and had a referral link. This was one of the reasons I thought it would not work. I remember collecting about 10,000 Pi and then abandoning the project completely.

But then..

But Then | (Pi)oenix Rose From the Ashes! | And my 800 K became nothing!

Recently, one of the persons responding to my post on Reddit pinged me asking if I would like to join the Pi Network. I am talking about February 2023. That’s like half a decade after I first heard of Pi Network. I was in the mood to oblige and joined through the person’s link. But then I rushed to check my collected 10 K plus points. Damn, I couldn’t recover my account.

Do you know what hurt more? At that time, Pi was trading at $80 down from $300 about a month and a half back. Imagine my 10,000 Pi would be worth 800 K. Damn, damn, and double damn. Anyway, I had to look forward. I started mining on my phone again (Oh the pain!).

And here is how it looks today.

I have mined about 27 Pi tokens. Of course, I can increase the rate of mining by having referrals and increasing the security grouping (dunno what this is). Meaning, I can have more Pi every 24 hours.

Is it worth it?

Is It Worth It? | I Don’t Know | But Pi trades at $31

I don’t know if it is worth it but Pi is trading at $31 on Huobi and BitMart. My 27 Pis are worth roughly 800 dollars. Pi network needs you to complete your KYC and so do your referrals. Only then 100% of the mined coins can be taken out. They claim that the mainnet is up and running and even held hackathons over the past two months. I guess, they are going someplace.

What I don’t want to do is miss out again. And if you wish to join, you can use my referral to join.

> https://minepi.com/Oivas321 OR

> get on the site and use my username as referral – Oivas321.

All this has to be done on phone and please do complete your KYC. That’s all. Start mining and make the most of it. 😊


You are still here? Shouldn’t you be rushing to check out Pi?

Yes, please go check it out. 😊

Image Courtesy: Pi Front End Screen on my phone


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Hello! I'm glad that you have managed to create this article. I also have signed up to this site way back a year ago.. I didn't thought that it would thought that it would go that high so I seldom visit the site more often and didn't bother to do the KYC.. it was last month I think that I heard about it pumping to $80+.. I accumulated around 19 Pi too but i could get that due to KYC.. I'm unable to do the KYC too now since the site always prompted that there's no slots available and that they will just going to inform me if there is but until now I haven't received any notification.. is there another way to have the KYC work for me and verified my account? Thanks for your help.

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