My Top 5 Holdings | As of August 2023

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Top 5 For Me | Starting With BTC

Let us take the suspense out of the article. My top 5 holdings are BTC, BCH, eCash, ETH, and XRP. There, that’s what this article is about, and I will include my other holdings in it.

For me, it is odd to hold BTC and not its derivative oe hardforked projects. BCH and BCHA (eCash or XEC) are clearly decent projects. It is difficult for me not to see potential in it.


To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of ETH for a long time. I did hold some, but wasn’t gung-ho about it. The reason was simple — high transaction cost and infinite supply. How would ETH be successful with the two biggest problems in the chain.

Recently, both of these points have been handled. While I still would love the transaction cost to come down but it is not bad now. Also, post implementation of EIP1559 upgrade, there are more ETH burned than those entering circulation. That makes ETH a deflationary coin and, therefore, a desirable proposition. That’s my main reason.


There was no point not holding the David that defeated the SEC Goliath. I am all for XRP, and its victory. Here, there is more of emotion than logic. Just want to hold the happening token.

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Is That All?

Well, not really. I am on the lookout for good projects in the blockchain verse, and I am keen on those gaming ones or tokens that have established utilities.

Here are a few:

Hive and HBD

Both tokens from the Hive blockchain are something I am sold on. You can be a writer, developer, gamer, and game developer on the chain and do well. If that is so, then it is definitely having utility.

No rocket science there.


All of the above tokens belong to the Splinterlands game on the Hive blockchain. I play the game, so I know it is a good bet. The recent bear market has not been so kind to the tokens, but they are still something I hold.


This is yet another game on the Hive blockchain. It has the backing of the same team running the Splinterlands game. So, you see my leaning. Also, at the moment, you can stake GLX tokens at 73% APR.

Shib, Bone, and Leash

Okay, this may not seem right, but then again, I played the Shibarium game and loved it. There are talks of the Shibarium launch and how Shib could become deflationary with nearly 5 trillion tokens burned every month. While that’s optimistic, even at this rate, it would take SHIB 9 years to get out of the trillion token category. That’s some waiting.

Bone and Leash are a bit different, though. Lesser tokens and a larger utility. That interests me. :)

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That’s It

I do hold some more, but these are worth talking at the moment.

I am quite positive about each of them. In the meantime, we will continue to explore the market.

Have fun!!

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Topics: Cryptocurrency, BTC, ETH, BCH, Shib