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Hello Readers!

So, here’s my story on the Uptrenndverse in fewer words and more memes. 😊 

It all started at the turn of the year. In January 2021 as I was enjoying the beauty of the virtual world, a particular article on another platform got my attention. It was about Uptrennd. I had to check it out. So, I headed to the platform with much fanfare. 

As I got started, I was impressed and was excited on finding the site. I thought I had hit a goldmine.

I had a good start and within a month had connected with a good number of people. It was obvious that quality writing and quality posts were given a thumbs up. Then there were guardians who would ensure spammers and scammers kept their distance.

That was a good sign! A community concerned with the quality of posts had to be doing a good job. Also, there was a good chance that the community was growing. So I had come along at the right time. But then there were some surprises.

Some felt that the site wasn’t like it used to be. There were interactions, responses, comments and upvotes in tons but now it appeared silent. I wouldn’t know as I hadn’t seen Uptrennd in her past. The past masters felt that the sheen was gone. The things that made Uptrennd one of the better sites was a bit subdued now. I was curious what they were talking about. At the same time, a bit doubting my decision. Was I wrong? 

My heart sank a bit. I wondered if I was part of a dormant site. But everything suggested otherwise. The community was still vibrant. There were voices, opinions, questions and answers and everything that you would expect from a dynamic community. Then what was missing?

I realized that the missing part was my peace of mind which was stuck on an opinion of someone other than me. I had to recalibrate. And I did so. I was focused once again and found my mojo back. I was having fun and at the same time growing really strong. And my belief paid off.


Long time back a wise soul told me that the sign of a growing community is its ability to reinvent itself, to find new ways of making life easier for its members, and always reaching new heights.

Boy, did I see signs of that!! I heard that there was Uptrennd Mobile App which was going to be released. It was the single biggest good news that I was waiting for. I mean, come on, no dormant community would be reinventing itself. My happiness knew no bounds!

And then it was about waiting for the inevitable growth. There were people who had tested the application already and were all praises for the endeavour. Life was getting exciting and then there was the announcement. The application was indeed going to find its way to each user very soon. 😊

Do I have anything to complain about? Naaahhhh!

And how am I and the Trenndians doing right now?

Yeah, the mood is upbeat. It is always a pleasure to be able to access a site without the hassle of getting your computer on and then logging in. Now, everything will be available at the press of a button. How’s that for ease of use!!!

 Not to mention the reach and onboarding more users. Way to go Uptrennd!! 😊


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