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Medium | A New Story

I am sure I wouldn’t have to introduce Medium. The platform, synonymous with writing and authors, was a dud for me for a long time. Their business model of payment is based on users' views more than Google views that got to me. Besides, I was writing mostly about a game called Splinterlands. Hmm... was that the problem? :)

 So for a while, the articles just floated around. I would get about 20 views in a month, with one sole reader in the whole month. Fans, followers, and claps were meant for actual writers, not for some game writer like me. Was that sad enough?

But then I continued writing over there, and now was payback time.

Medium on Fire!

Just a month back, I started getting weekly stats mail from Medium. I don’t remember ever getting it before. I have had enough and more such emails from other non-crypto platforms before, so I just ignored it. But then the emails started coming thick and fast, or at least, I started noticing them. So, I got around to opening one of them. I was blown away.

My weekly stats were showing hundreds of views with monthly close to 400 views. Not only that but also the reads had gone up. I was having between 125 – 140 reads. That’s more than 30% of readers opening my article are actually reading it. That is a big push from 5-20 views a month. Besides, the numbers are only rising every day.

Not only that, fans and followers are forming. Most of the views are for Splinterlands articles. Needless to say, the newbies on Splinterlands have found my medium articles on the net and forming a decent base. This is ridiculously awesome!! Ha, all my writing platforms are firing in tons, and this, along with the crypto push, is giving me millionaire vibes!! He haw!!

Have You Also Experienced Similar Trend on Medium?

I wonder the other Splinterlands article writers and writers in general on Medium are also witnessing this grand push? If yes, do let me know. I still do not know how to optimize to be successful on Medium. I will be glad to learn a trick or two. 😉

So, do ping me. I am happy to talk about it. 😊

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